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going green
 well ok, trying to!
There are many things that I've already been doing for years, like recycling everything our local council will accept. Using paper that's either recycled or FSC at least, and of course buying lots of things from charity shops. So really I'm sort of compiling a list here of what we already do, what I intend to do and where I'd like to end up with it all. Well that's the easy bit, in a completely ideal world, we'd be almost entirely self sufficient and as eco friendly as possible, using whatever surplus we have to create an income enough to pay for the things that still need casheroo. But in the interim I'd at least like to be able to provide most of our own fruit, veg and herbs from things we have grown. I'd like to have hens to provide us with eggs too. It's somewhere to aim anyway. 
Another small goal is to find the time to blog, whether it be blogging about this or blogging about other things, but I'd like to find the time and the peace to be able to do this small thign every day without interruption. Think I may well be on plums with that for the time being tho....

Still anyway, the things we're already doing:
*We recycle as much as our council will take from our doorstep. 
*Used stamps and ink cartridges go to local charity
*old clothes go to a variety of places, baby clothes and my clothes go to family. Others go to charity, as does  bric a brac, kitchen ware and anything else we think they may be able to sell.
*We compost, not only fruit and veg peelings and tea bags, but also tissue paper, card board, cloth scraps    and everything else that will compost safely.
*We reuse various plastic pots and glass jars for storing herbs and seeds, serving food and the like.
* selling decent old goods on ebay
* buying things in charity shops
* making use of freecycle both wanted and offered
* walking into town to shop
* recycling packaging for ebay goods
* washable nappies and trainer pants part time
* recycling tumble dryer condenser water for garden feeding
* using old muslins to clean
* growing some mint, strawberries, rhubarb, spinach and waiting for carrots,  raspberries, onions,  sunflowers. and bamboo for garden use
* using the nursery's healthy box to get local seasonal veg
* paper free for bank statements and electricity
* changed from olay moisturiser to body shop organic fairtrade moisturiser
* taking our own carrier bags to the shops
* using carrier bags for spare bins and bagging nappies etc
* using the library, and buying second hand books
* buying free range eggs
* getting xmas and birthday gifts from traidcraft fairtrade site as much as possible
* using mooncup
*  using ecover laundry detergent and fabric softener, refilled from local heath food shop

THings we're starting to do:
* swapping laundry detergent for soap nuts
* ditching many household cleaners for bicarb of soda, olive oil, white wine vinegar and lemon juice
* trying to reduce the amount of plastic we buy (should be fun with kids!)
* buying products in glass bottles/metal rather than plastic
* buying fresh rather than pre-packaged
* trying to reduce food waste, smaller portions, reusing leftovers.
* saving/ harvesting seeds
* signed up for landshare, look into an allotment
* set up recycled bag making business, or at least try!

there's probably more, I'm sure these lists will be added to, but seemed like a good place to start blogging about such things!
So hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to review soapnuts!!! :) 


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