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recycled parcels all tied up with tape
 Sooo today my soap nuts arrived! whoo!! No more detergent for me, well if it all goes well anyway. 2 washes down seeing as we cleared our coat hooks of winter garb, so far so good, tonight is the true test with the nappy wash! They arrived wrapped in carrier bags and loads of tape, I like recycled packaging! 
I thought it may be weird that it doesn't really sud up, but then I realised that
a) I don't sit and watch the washing machine so honestly couldn't tell you how much anything else sudded up anyway (well not since it was new, when for a day or two it was more interesting than the tv. 12 years of laundrette will do that to ya)
b) I don't *think* the tesco Eco stuff I had been using sudded up much
and c) my washing machine is always crammed full, I couldn't see bubbles and suds if I wanted too! 

So having to cut down to 3/4 loads for the soap nuts to work will probably also lengthen the lifespan of the washer, which can't be bad.

The stuff has all line dried so far, and it does feel as soft as if it had had fabric softener, which is good, but it is sort of odd that it doesn't smell. I had got used to the yummy natural softeners I had found, the Tesco Almond milk was yummy and the new Ecover Summer Fresh smelled of lemons and coconut, it was all I could do not to eat it!! But to be honest, as yummy as they are I do want to cut back on the amount of plastic I consume, and while I can't profess to know all that much about chemicals and their effects, I'm sure that the local water table could do without fabric softener.  So as recommended in the instructions I'll need to find a yummy essential oil to pop in teh fabric softener drawer to get everything smelling nice again, will see how that works out.

Apart from that the sun has been out, and means that everyone chats while yuo're out, which is fab. However I couldve done without the tramp asking, in ref to Ivy asleep in her sling, if he could sleep in my bosom.....*shudders*  And our local chemist is failing again, yesterday a lady I did not recognise informed me that they did not stock the pepti-junior we've been ordering from that very shop for the last 6 months....we managed to get 2 of our 4 tins, went back today to find that the chemist had apparently sent the wrong sort of milk. Fingers crossed that tomorrow we can get her milk, seeing as everything else will make her sick. And while I'm enjoying trying out the soapnuts, I'm not that fond of laundry!!!



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