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jospixies's Journal

29 July
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A stay at home mummy of two lovely girls, both of whom were born prematurely, Violet 8 weeks early and Ivy was 11 weeks early. They both spent a lot of time in hospital, Ivy was in for 100 days exactly and had been transferred to a specialist unit 4 hours away during her stay, this resulted in lots of time off work for my hubby, who then lost his job because of it. So now we're trying to set up on our own, making and creating things to sell on the internet so we can spend as much time as possible with our miracle babies.
And ah how hippy parenting makes you! The blog is rapidly becoming more about my efforts to attempt to go green. Can't but try eh? Mainly just a way of seeing how we're getting on with it, where there's room for improvement!

we have our own website (how shiny!) http://www.handprints.org.uk/index.html where i've been crossposting my blog, and also has links to all the things we're selling and my hubby's blog too. :)