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brightbots and pottys
 finally given in and am now potty training Violet! We'd been waiting for some magic sign that she was ready, but nothing, so thought we'd try it out and see how she got on. We got her a potty for Christmas, I know what a crap mum I am, and for a couple of weeks and been popping her on it at nappy changes bribing her to stay on with stickers she could put on a bit of card in the kitchen.  And all of a sudden she just got it! I think the massive song and dance we made about her weeing on it was enough to encourage her to continue, and well, she *loves* stickers.

It's quite difficult with a child that can't really talk, to know when they need to go, so we left the potty where she could go and get it herself, seems to be working well currently. And then we found that she was forgetting while still just in terry nappies, she still doesn't seem to care about running round in damp pants, so I got her some funky purple brightbots trainer pants. She loves purple and so Ihoped that would be enough inspiration to not wet them. 
They are awesome! they look mainly like ordinary pants, but have more layers round the gusset. The reviews I have read of them in other places have complained that they don't hold enough wee, which is a fair point, I think they're mainly aimed at kids who are pretty much trained but may have the odd accident. So what we've done to combat this is to add a bamboo liner which soaks up most of it when she forgets she needs to go. 
We did have to buy some disposable trainer pants, for when Violet is at nursery mainly. They're ok,they soak up as much as an ordinary disposable nappy does, in fact with the exception of the pull-off-and-on-ability they are pretty much the same as a dispo. I can see that for many people this is a real plus point, especially when first beginning potty training and there are many accidents. I think that's a bad thing though, half the battle for us was getting her to be aware of what was going on, and all the wetness being comfortably locked away doesn't help. We did try adding a bamboo liner so she'd feel it but they made the already fairly bulky nappy huge! So for us adding that extra soaker into the trainer pant is perfect, it means she gets to enjoy wearing funky coloured pants, she cares about them going in the wash and doesn't want to wet them. 
And well, both girls have been cloth bummed so being able to have cloth trainer pants is really good, I hate the thought of filling so much landfill unnecessarily.
In conclusion - Brightbots rock!


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